Cayuga Lake

New York's Finger Lakes make up one of the state's most popular vacation destinations, and Cayuga Lake is the longest of the 11 bodies of water, stretching roughly 40 miles from Ithaca at its southern tip to the marshes of the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge at the northern end. Like all Finger Lakes, Cayuga Lake is narrow, only 3.5 miles at its widest point.

The Fingers Lakes region is known for wine-growing and outdoor attractions, both of which draw many visitors. With forests, waterfalls, marshes and rivers, travelers visit to go hiking, boating, fishing and more. There are also museums in lakeside towns and historic attractions.

Practical Info

Cayuga Lake is roughly 250 miles from New York City, and 70 miles from Syracuse.
Adresse: New York, USA
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