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Istanbul’s Vialand is a huge theme park complex which includes a luxury hotel, indoor and outdoor shopping malls home to over 250 stores, and dozens of restaurants as well as a cinema, games center, and open-air performance venue big enough to fit 10,000 people.

For older kids and adults looking for a thrill, Vialand is most famous for its Ride the Breath Taker roller coaster which can reach speeds of 68 miles an hour in 3 seconds. Water rides like Wild River are also popular. For little kids, there are more gentle rides including carousels and mini cars, and there are plenty of playgrounds scattered round this complex that's actually big enough to fit 100 football fields.

Characters for the kids to meet include Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer — both characters also have their own 4D shows. For adults, Vialand indoor shopping mall hosts brand names like The Gap and H&M, and outside you can visit Vialand’s shopping avenues which are modeled on streets from different European cities. Vialand is also home to a 100-acre park where walking paths lead around the main lake.
Adresse: Yeşilpınar Mh., Yeşilpınar Bölge Park İçi Yolu, Istanbul, Turkey, Tyrkia
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