Fener District

Get off the beaten path in Istanbul by exploring the Fener District, the Greek neighborhood of Istanbul. Located along the coast of the Golden Horn, the Fener District is a UNESCO World Heritage site due to the surplus of Byzantine buildings lining its streets.

The Fener District is a lovely place to wander around and spend an afternoon taking in the sights and exploring small side streets. Historical architecture abounds in Fener thanks to ancient houses and other buildings with origins in the Ottoman and Byzantine eras. While wandering the Fener district you’ll also come across several churches that showcase Byzantine and Ottoman architecture. An especially famous church in Fener is the Church of St. George, which houses a collection of important Byzantine relics and is also home to the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. Another architectural delight to see in Fener is the Red School, a Greek Orthodox school that gets its moniker from its impressive red brick exterior.
Adresse: Fener District, Istanbul, Turkey, Tyrkia
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