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More than just a launching pad for visits to Gallipoli and Troy, Canakkale is a lively seaside port on the Dardanelles that’s an ideal destination for day trips from Istanbul.

The waterfront promenade is the place to be in summer, thronged with visitors enjoying the sunshine, outdoor bars and restaurants, and water views. The multistory clock tower near the harbor is a Canakkale landmark, built in 1897.

The town’s Military Museum includes Gallipoli exhibits, and Canakkale’s Cimenlik castle that was built by Mehmet the Conqueror in 1452. The archaeology museum has prized displays from Troy and Assos, and the cannons dotted around town are from WWI.

You’ll also see a grand model of a Trojan Horse in Canakkale, left over from the 2004 movie Troy, and a model of the ancient city.
Adresse: Tyrkia
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