Tangolunda Bay

Family adventurers and nightlife lovers flock to Tanolunda Bay, where tropical resorts and all-inclusive hot spots line the rocky cliffs. Destination accommodations like Dreams, Barcelo and Las Brisas offer guests romantic ocean views and unlimited access to quaint (if touristy) shopping, pricey seafood fare and exclusive beach clubs. 

Travelers can tour the bay on a local boat, or snorkel into the depths of the quieter waters near Las Brisas. The endless stretches of sandy shores are perfect for early morning walks, and visitors with small children love feeding bits of bread to the fish near Dreams Hotel.

Practical Info

Rough waters and soft ocean floors can make for sometimes-dangerous conditions. For this reason it’s best to access beaches via the private resorts. Be sure to seek out local divers who offer plates of really fresh oysters for a seriously low price. There is no pubic access for wheelchairs along the beach.
Adresse: Tangolunda Bay, Oaxaca, Mexico
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