San Agustin Bay

Located in the far West Bay, this quaint village filled with shaded palm palapas is as rustic as they come. Home to fewer than 100 people—mostly fishermen—San Agustin Bay has survived without electricity or running water even in this modern era. The bay is known for having easy access to incredible snorkeling. Visitors can dip into the ocean straight from the shore and immediately find plenty to see, including tropical fish schools and coral plates. 

A shrine to the town’s namesake, Saint Agustin, is built upon a nearby hillside, where a short hike affords travelers truly breathtaking views of rolling hills, thick forests and crashing waves.

Practical Info

San Agustin Bay is accessible by road or boat. Travelers can rent a private boat or purchase a ticket on one of the local catamarans. Micro buses and taxis also travel the banana-tree lined road to San Augustin.
Adresse: San Agustin Bay, Oaxaca, Mexico
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