Maguey Bay

Travelers in search of a quiet beach to soak up blistering hot sun need look no further than the shores of Maguey Bay. A handful of busy seafood shacks line the nearby streets here, slinging fresh fish and tangy ceviche that are both popular with the locals. 

Visitors can order up cold beers and relax on patio chairs all day, or venture into the calm clear waters that make this bay an ideal spot for swimming. Rent some gear and head into the ocean, where a large variety of colorful tropical fish exist just off the shores, or head to the rockier edge of the bay, where wave jumping into impressive swells makes for a more active afternoon.

Practical Info

Maguey Bay is located about 3 kilometers south of Santa Cruz Bay and is accessible by rough road or hired boats. Public showers and toilets are also available along the bay.
Adresse: Maguey Bay, Oaxaca, Mexico
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