Chachacual Bay

This tiny bay may be just one kilometer long but its world-class snorkeling, impressive birdlife and rustic “back to nature” feel continue to attract travelers to its sunny shores. Chachacual Bay is home to two distinctly different beaches, including popular Playa La India, on its eastern tip. This sandy inlet is known as one of Huatulco’s most pristine beaches, but also for being a destination for snorkeling. Despite its noticeable lack of coral reefs, Playa La India boasts a diverse and active tropical fish community that both snorkelers and divers love. 

Chachacual Bay is not directly accessible by land, but a paved road ends about a kilometer from its shores and visitors can walk the hot stretch to this hidden bay. Travelers agree riding along in the cool breeze of a boat is still the best way to arrive at Chachacual’s shores.

Practical Info

Although Chachacual Bay allows swimming, snorkeling, diving and fishing, strong currents can make for dangerous conditions only strong swimmers should risk. Be sure to pack all the beach day essentials, too, since there are no vendors or accommodations at this secluded destination.
Adresse: Chachacual Bay, Oaxaca, Mexico
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