Old Sachsenhausen

Stretching along the south bank of the Main River, the old quarter of Sachsenhausen is one of Frankfurt’s most atmospheric districts, with its cobblestone streets and historic taverns standing in sharp contrast to the high-rise landscape of modern Frankfurt. Linked to the central Römerberg square by the iconic Eiserner Steg (the Iron Footbridge), Old Sachsenhausen is best know for its famous Museumsufer, a collection of over a dozen world-class museums housed in a series of elegant 18th-century villas along the embankment. 

Sachsenhausen’s second claim to fame is its Apfelwein, the sweet apple wine or cider that’s served in the dozens of traditional Ebbelwoi bars and pubs clustered around the Rittergasse pedestrian area, many housed in medieval-style half-timbered buildings and featuring summer Apple wine gardens. Stick around into the evening hours and you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained along the main Schweizer street too, home to some of Frankfurt’s most unique nightlife.
Adresse: Frankfurt, Germany, Tyskland
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