Frankfurter Dom

Frankfurter Dom is the main church of Frankfurt. From the 14th century onwards, kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected in this Catholic church. From the mid-16th century to the late 18th century, emperors were crowned here.

The cathedral has been damaged in the past by fire and warfare, most recently during the WWII. It was reconstructed in the 1950s and has undergone periodic renovation since then. It has been widely recognized as an important national symbol for Germany. The museum has an impressive collection of reliquaries and ceremonial objects.

The people of Frankfurt used the Frankfurter Dom's integral role in imperial politics to justify use of the technically improper term 'cathedral' since the 18th century, even though the church has never been a bishop's seat. Daily tours of the Cathedral are conducted by the museum. To get there via public transportation, take the U4 from Central-Station and get off at Römer.

Adresse: Domplatz 14, Frankfurt 60311, Tyskland
Åpningstider: Tues - Fri: 10am - 5pm; weekends: 11am- 5pm. Closed Mondays
Adgang: Museum: € 3
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