The gateway to the idyllic Spessart Mountains, the popular holiday resort of Aschaffenburg is one of northern Bavaria’s most picturesque towns, renowned for its cozy inns, shopping boutiques and traditional wine taverns. The medieval heart of Aschaffenburg is its Old Town, and a walking tour unveils a host of impressive architecture. One of Germany’s finest neoclassical theaters stands proudly over the Theaterplatz square, framed by a dramatic series of sculpted fountains and arcaded walkways, and fronted by a giant central sundial.

The city’s most striking attraction is the 17th century Johannisburg Castle, the masterpiece of Renaissance architect Georg Ridinger, and its iconic red sandstone façade is one of the region’s most instantly recognizable sights. Today, the castle houses the National Gallery, renowned for its extensive collection of Lucas Cranach paintings, but equally impressive are the tree-lined palace gardens, which include the distinctive Mediterranean-style Pompeiianum.
Adresse: Aschaffenburg, Tyskland
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