Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Encompassing 180 acres (73 hectares), Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is located near the Fort Lauderdale beachfront, although it holds a very tropical feel. Begin your day at the Terramar Visitor Center, which allows visitors to learn more about the park’s ecology and heritage through displays and exhibits. This will give you a good base of information so that when you’re exploring the park you can better understand the flora and fauna you’re looking at.

The major draw of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is its plethora of outdoor activities. While paved roads offer opportunities for cyclists and skaters, nature trails allow hikers to immerse themselves in organic beauty and see over 200 plant species. There’s also a freshwater lagoon for canoeing and kayaking. For those who enjoy fishing, the park features designated areas where this can be done. Also make sure to bring your camera to photograph the wildlife, like butterflies, turtles, rabbits, opossums, squirrel, gopher tortoise, eastern indigo snake and over 200 bird species. After you’re done exploring, set out a blanket on a grassy knoll and enjoy a relaxing picnic in a beautiful place.

Practical Info

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is located at 3109 East Sunrise Boulevard. The park is open daily, 365 days per year, from 8am until sundown. Entry fees are $6 per car (2-8 people), $4 per single-occupancy vehicle, and $2 for pedestrians and cyclists.
Adresse: Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Åpningstider: Daily Sunrise to Sunset
Adgang: Pedestrian: $2; Car: $6
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