Mitre Peak

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Set smack in the middle of Milford Sound, Mitre Peak is the undisputed star in an already impressive show. Craggy, lonely and often shrouded in mist, this iconic spire thrusts a mile upwards from the placid waters of the Sound. When you arrive in Milford Sound after the serpentine road through the mountains, Mitre Peak rises before you like a sentinel to congratulate you on making the journey. This is easily one of the most oft-photographed sites in New Zealand—and when you stare at its stoic profile against the water you can immediately 
understand why. 
To get a closer view of Mitre Peak, crane your neck upwards at the 5,500-foot summit during a cruise of Milford Sound. Or, paddle beneath its alpine shadow as you kayak in search of marine life.
Adresse: Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand
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