Fez Mellah (Jewish Quarter)

Established in 1438, the Fez Mellah (Jewish Quarter) was the first of its kind in Morocco, a walled Jewish quarter that segregated the Jewish community from the predominant Muslim communities, and was locked during the evening hours to ensure the safety of its residents.

After WWII, the majority of Fez’s Jewish population left, with the quarter’s schools, synagogues and markets falling into disrepair, but a small, yet vibrant Jewish community still remains and the district is being slowly restored thanks to UNESCO funds. For visitors, a walk around the mellah offers a glimpse into one of Fez’s most unique neighborhoods, with contrasting architectural styles to the rest of the old medina.  Highlights include the newly restored Ibn Dahan synagogue, which dates back to the 17th-century, the Jewish Cemetery and the Gold souk, as well as a number of quality antique furniture stores.

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Fez Mellah (Jewish Quarter) is located in the south of the Fez Medina (Fez el-Bali), close to the Royal Palace. 
Adresse: Mellah, Fez, Morocco
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