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Loch Lomond Tours from Edinburgh

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Who doesn't burst into song when they hear the words 'Loch Lomond'! A must-do day trip destination from Glasgow, this beautiful lake is perhaps only beaten in fame by Loch Ness.

Take a drive around the leafy western shore, and notice how the northern stretches of Loch Lomond morph from lowland to more stark highland landscapes, overlooked by the lofty 974 m (3,195 ft) heights of Ben Lomond.

Around 30 islands dot the lake, and boating enthusiasts take to the water on weekends in kayaks, speedboats and windsurfers. On the southern shore you'll find the Loch Lomond Shores complex, with an aquarium, shops, and restaurants.

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Dagstur med liten gruppe fra Edinburgh til Stirling Castle og Loch Lomond

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På denne dagsturen til Stirling Castle og Loch Lomond reiser du standsmessig i en Mercedes-minivan sammen med en liten gruppe fra Edinburgh. Det vil ...  Mer informasjon

  • Sted: Edinburgh, Storbritannia
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