Cayo Arena

Cayo Arena, off the Dominican Republic’s northern coast, is a faint whisper of a Caribbean island that barely even exists. This sandy dollop rising up from the reef measures 2,100 square feet—which makes it less than a tenth of an acre of fine, sparkling white sand. After racing across the cobalt sea in a speedboat from Punta Rucia, arrive on the fringes of the coral reef that surrounds the patch of sand.  The island itself is undeveloped—save for some thatched roof huts—and snorkeling in the calm, turquoise lagoon is a way to literally come face to face with curious Caribbean fish. Also known as “Paradise Island,” Cayo Arena is truly a place that’s out of a tropical dream, where sand, sky, and crystal clear water combine to create a Caribbean outpost that seems too beautiful to be real.

Practical Info

Cayo Arena is a 20-minute boat ride from the beach at Punta Rucia, which itself is located an hour and half to the west of Puerto Plata. The cay is accessible by guided tours, many of which also visit the mangroves that line Punta Rucia’s shore. As there’s no shade on Cayo Arena, be sure to pack sunscreen, a hat, or a coverup if you want to escape the sun. 
Adresse: Cayo Arena, Dominican Republic, Caribbean, Dominikanske republikk
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Cayo Arena Dagstur fra Puerto Plata

Besøk Cayo Arena (også kalt Cayo Paraiso), en koralløy utenfor kysten av Den dominikanske republikk, under en hel dagstur fra Puerto Plata. Reis nordover i en komfortabel trener til Punta Rusia, i La Isabela Bay, og deretter på en moderne fartbåt som er bundet til den lille koralatollen. På vei, se opp for manatees og nyt solskinnet mens du slapper av på dekk. På øya kan du slappe av i den myke sanden, snorkle og svømme i det asurblå vannet eller utforske til fots. Lunsj, drikkevarer og tur / retur fra Puerto Plata-hoteller er inkludert.
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  • Varighet: 10 timer
  • Tilbys på følgende språk: engelsk
USD 95,00

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