Although Roseau is the largest city in the island nation of Dominica, it is still small by most international standards. Visiting this capital city provides both a charming retreat into cozy island life and a peek into the bustling culture that is life in Dominica’s main city.

Activity in Roseau centers on its French Quarter, where the French-Caribbean meets West Indian architecture in splendid fashion. Visitors stroll through the cobblestone streets, which are far from idle and instead active places of bartering, conversation and regular social gatherings. You can spend your time visiting the Old Town Market to haggle for handmade goods, learning at the Historical Museum or hiking up into Roseau’s splendid backdrop: the lush Caribbean mountaintops that make Dominica famous.

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Roseau (pronounced “roz-eo”) is located on Dominica’s western end. The main thoroughfares are Goodwill Road, which enters the city from the northwest; Valley Road, which enters from the northeast; and Victoria Road from the southeast.
Adresse: Roseau, Dominica
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