Purple Turtle Beach

Known as one of Dominica’s most beautiful stretches of white sand, this Caribbean beach lies just three miles north of the town of Portsmouth. Lined with a colorful smattering of beachfront bars and restaurants serving everything from locally caught fish to deep-fried conch fritters, Purple Turtle Beach serves as a relaxing spot for locals and tourists alike.

Visitors can opt to hit the sand for some waterfront fun or grab a mai-tai at the local watering hole. As a beach that is rarely crowded with easy-to-find parking along the coastal road, visitors would be sorry to miss this Dominican slice of pristine beauty.

Practical Info

Purple Turtle Beach is a west-facing beach with crystal blue, shallow water. It is backed by Cabrits National Park. To get here, drive north from Portsmouth and the beach will come up on your immediate left. Parking is free and can be found alongside the road.
Adresse: Purple Turtle Beach, Portsmouth, Dominica
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