Pisac Indian Market

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The Sacred Valley town of Pisac was once a lofty Inca citadel, but these days, it attracts shoppers rather than warriors with its popular Sunday morning handicrafts market.

After touring Pisac's Inca site, dramatically set on a mountain spur an hour's hike above the village, many travelers head to the market to haggle and barter for finger puppets, pan pipes, woven ponchos, rugs, shawls, hats, jewelry, ceramics—you name it. Villagers from throughout the Sacred Valley come here to sell produce, so the market has a lively local feel to it.

The main market is on Sunday, with smaller versions held on Tuesday and Thursday. Sunday is also a good time to see locals wearing colorful traditional dress as they are led out of mass by the town mayor holding his silver staff of office. With this, the hubbub really hits the market around 11am.
Adresse: Pisac, Peru
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