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Kornati National Park

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Comprised of 140 islands covering 18 kilometers of coastline in the Adriatic Sea, Kornati National Park is a beautiful Mediterranean archipelago with unique geographic features. The uninhabited islands are characterized by the deep blue hues of the surrounding seas and rich marine life, which is now protected. There are no permanent settlers here, though a few temporary homes have been established by nearby residents. Most visitors come to the islands for a day via a boat trip.

The largest island, Kornat, holds two thirds of the land area in the park. Most of the terrain is karst limestone, which arose from the sea over thousands of years. The limestone surface is dry and porous, making it difficult to sustain life. With neither human nor animal presence for the most part, the Kornati islands have a raw, natural beauty. Scuba diving in the clear waters and sailing along the steep cliffs of the magnificent coastline are two of the most popular ways to enjoy.

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