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There's really nowhere quite like Gibraltar. A little piece of England looking out from Spain to the coast of Africa, with a rock fabled in ancient mythology and the only wild monkey population in Europe. Quite a cocktail, huh?

Gibraltar was handed over to the British by Spain in the 18th century, and British - if its very own brand of hybridized, flashback British - it has remained ever since, despite Spain's best efforts to browbeat it into accepting its sovereignty.

The Rock of Gibraltar is a fabulous chunk of limestone rearing up over the city and overrun by Barbary macaques. There is a legend that if these monkeys leave the rock, so will the British leave Gibraltar. Winston Churchill obviously subscribed to this superstition - he requested that the macaque population be topped up during WWII.

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Kryss spanskegrensen og begi deg inn på britisk territorium hvor du kan se britisk politi, bruke britiske penger og hygge deg med taxfree-shopping. En ...  Mer informasjon

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