Sichuan Opera House

For more than 100 years dancers, singers and other performers have been presenting traditional Sichuan operas for travelers and tourists seeking a true cross cultural experience. Divided into two distinct spaces, the VIP Chinese Opera House and the Liyuan Opera House, Sichuan Opera House is a must-see stop on any Chengdu visit.

Arrive early to watch dancers and singers expertly apply makeup and get an up close look at the colorful traditional costumes that bring life to this one-of-a-kind act. Audience members will experience the music of five ancient styles, including thumping percussion and high-pitched melodies. Stick puppets and hand shadows are part of this multi-sensory experience that is sure to redefine the meaning of opera for western travelers. 

Practical Info

The opera house is located in the Chengdu Cultural Park on Qintai Road. Shows take place every evening from 8 pm until 9:30 pm. 
Adresse: Qintai Lu #23, Chengdu, China, Kina
Adgang: Ticket prices start at 150 yuan
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