Freedom Park

About 10 minutes south of Uptown, Charlotte’s version of Central Park, the 98-acre Freedom Park, is found between two of the city’s most affluent neighborhoods, Dilworth and Myers Park. Within the park itself, you’ll find walking and biking trails, a 7-acre lake, a year-round demonstration garden, and the family-friendly Charlotte Nature Museum.

Music and theater events are held in the park’s amphitheater throughout the summer. And each year in late September, the park hosts the enormously popular Festival in the Park, an admission-free, multi-day concert series, art show and children’s carnival paired with a food pavilion. Musical genres presented include Big Band jazz, bluegrass and gospel.

Be sure to wear comfortable footwear -- or consider renting a bike -- as many parts of the park are closed to cars. You might also want to bring along a soccer ball, volleyball, or Frisbee, as there are several sports fields and open, grassy areas.
Adresse: 1900 East Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Åpningstider: Daily: Sunrise to Sunset
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