Gardens of Augustus

Dramatically perched atop the sea cliffs of Capri Island and just a short stroll from Capri’s central piazza, the Gardens of Augustus are a mesmerizing sight. Laid out by Friedrich August Krupp in the early 20th century, the exquisite gardens are a tribute to Capri’s native flora, with paved footpaths, green lawns and monumental fountains trimmed with colorful flowers and terrace gardens bursting with vibrant geraniums and dahlias.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Gardens of Augustus is its striking location, leading onto the Via Krupp – a paved switchback footpath that snakes down the cliff side – and offering spectacular views over the Marina Piccola and the landmark Faraglioni Rocks below.

Practical Info

The Gardens of Augustus are located on the island of Capri and are open from April-November, daily from 9am until sunset. Adult admission at the time of writing is €1.
Adresse: Via Matteotti, Capri, Italy 80073, Italia
Åpningstider: Open daily April-Nov 9am-sunset
Adgang: €1
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