Table Mountain National Park

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Table Mountain National Park is one of the region’s most-visited attractions—with good reason. This vast world heritage site stretches from Signal hill to Cape Point, and includes some of the area’s best hikes and most scenic views.

Despite its proximity to the ever-popular Long Street, Table Mountain feels far removed from the hustle of Cape Town. Hop a taxi from the main drag, or walk the short—but very vertical—distance to the bottom of the hill. Travelers looking to stretch their legs can take one of the short (but challenging) hikes to Table Mountain’s peak, or ride the popular cable car to the top for picturesque views of the city and sea.

The nearby rocky cliffs of Cape Peninsula and Cape of Good Hope, another much-visited attraction in the national park, overlook clear blue seas where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. Paved paths and a well-kept boardwalk wind through the southern-most point on the continent and lead to impressive heights. The surrounding area is also home to the world’s smallest—and most diverse—floral kingdom, making it the perfect spot for an easy bike ride.
Adresse: Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town, Sør-Afrika
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