Signal Hill

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Once known as “Lion’s Rump,” Signal Hill is a relatively flat peak next to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain. The summit of this landmark once flew flags to signal changing weather and anchoring directions for ships that came to port. A well-paved road takes visitors to the top of Signal Hill, where spectacular Cape Town views await.

Along the way, travelers can stop at the impressive tombs of several Muslim missionaries or spend the night at Appleton Scout Campsite. Those venturing to Signal Hill for a mid-day trip will likely hear the Noon Gun—two massive cannons signaling the strike of twelve—fire, too.

In addition to its incredible views, Signal Hill is home to the last bit of the endangered Peninsula Shale Renosterveld vegetation in Cape Town, which means it is one of the few places nature lovers can find the extremely rare Moraea aristata flower and Medusa’s Head succulents in the wild.
Adresse: Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town 8001, Sør-Afrika
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