Kendall Square

Since the city’s inception, Kendall Square has served as a transit hub for travelers venturing between Boston and Cambridge. In 1793 this Massachusetts icon offered the first direct wagon route between these cities and today, it’s become a thriving industrial center. Tech firms and offshoots of nearby MIT have made Kendall Square their home, but travelers will also find plenty of accommodations, restaurants and shopping in the vicinity as well. 

Visitors can wander the busy farmers’ market seeking out fresh produce and homemade goods, then hire a canoe or kayak and paddle through the Charles River before touring the Constellation Center. In warmer months live concerts take place in early evenings and in cooler months an outdoor ice rink offers a winter wonderland of fun. 

Practical Info

Kendall Square is located at the intersection of Main Street, Broadway, Wadsworth Street and Third Street.  The popular business district, which goes by the same name, is east of Portland Street, northwest of the Charles River and north of MIT. The Red Line subway and the Kendall/MIT Station are located in the square and it is accessible using the 68, 85 and CT2 buses. 
Adresse: Main Street, Broadway, Wadsworth Street and Third Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
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