Trinity Beach

Located a 20-minute drive from Cairns, Trinity Beach is a tropical jewel just miles away from an urban center. Crystal clear waters lap the sandy beaches of this popular community, where paved walkways wander past lush gardens and beach almond trees cast shade from the sweltering sun. The calm waters are patrolled by a local lifeguard, and a stinger-proof enclosure protects swimmers during the high season, from November to May.

Travelers can find world-class restaurants and pubs stationed along the quiet Esplanade, while beachfront BBQs, tennis courts and a lively football club mean there’s plenty of opportunity to meet sun-loving locals here any time of year.

Practical Info

Beachcombers and sun-worshippers should plan to visit between May and November, when the dry season’s warm temperatures are ideal for laying out. Heavy rains typically fall between December and April, but this shift in weather makes for even greener rainforests and impressive waterfalls.
Adresse: Cairns, Australia
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Cape Tribulation, Mossman Gorge, og Daintree Rainforest Premium Day Tour

Venture off-the-beaten-track og utforske UNESCO-listede villmarken i Australias tropiske nord på denne helgedagstur fra Cairns. Reis langs Captain Cook Highway; ta en guidet tur gjennom Mossman Gorge og avkjøl med en dukkert i Mossman River. Etter lunsj (inkludert), se etter krokodiller på et naturskjønt cruise nedover Daintree River, og fortsett til Cape Tribulation for å gå gjennom Daintree Rainforest, og nyt en fantastisk utsikt over Great Barrier Reef. Denne lille gruppen tur er begrenset til 14 personer for en personlig opplevelse.
  • Varighet: 12 timer
  • Tilbys på følgende språk: engelsk
USD 153,19
Se detaljer
  • Varighet: 12 timer
  • Tilbys på følgende språk: engelsk
USD 153,19

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