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It's impossible to understand Buenos Aires without spending some time in Recoleta. Its luxury apartments, sumptuous mansions and upscale boutiques, all housed within Parisian-style, 19th-century façades, are what many envision when thinking of the Argentine capital. Exceedingly beautiful, dotted with green spaces and close to the ocean, the neighborhood ranks among the most affluent in the city, with real estate prices to match. 

Perhaps Recoleta's biggest claim to fame is its cemetery, a mini city of marble mausoleums and ornate crypts where Evita Perón was laid to rest. While the cemetery is Buenos Aires' most-visited attraction, Recoleta has plenty of other worthwhile things to see and do. A walking tour of the neighborhood takes visitors to the Palais de Glace (once a famous tango hall), the Pilar Basilica and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, home of the world's largest collection of Argentine art.

Insider's Tip: Pay a visit to the park outside of the Recoleta Cemetery on weekends to shop an open-air artisan market known as La Feria de Artesanos de Plaza Francia.
Adresse: Junin Street, Buenos Aires 1060, Argentina
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