Catedral Metropolitana (Metropolitan Cathedral)

Located in the neighborhood of San Nicolas near the center of Buenos Aires, the Catedral Metrepolitana has a history that’s nearly as long as winding as the capital city itself. The land for the cathedral was set aside beginning in 1580, although over the next two centuries the building would collapse at least a half dozen times. Constant construction and reconstruction seemed to plague the central cathedral, and it wasn’t until the middle of the 1820s that French architects were brought in to design a solid cathedral. When visiting the Metropolitan Cathedral today, you’ll find the cathedral is pieced together by segments of its various eras—a historical tour within itself that tells the city’s story. Structurally, the cathedral involves elements of Spanish design as well as Greek revival, in addition to a mosaic tile floor in classically Venetian style. Symbolically, the tomb of Argentina’s Unknown Soldier is located here at the cathedral, with a flame on the façade constantly burning for soldiers who died for independence. The other famous tomb at the Cathedral is of General José de San Martín—the South American liberator considered the “Founder of the Nation.”  In addition to visiting inside the Cathedral, there are tours inside the Mausoleum and Crypt as well as special art tours.
Adresse: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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