Aquincum Museum

For anyone with an interest in Roman history or a fascination with Roman ruins, the Aquincum Museum is a must-see while visiting Budapest. Displaying archaeological findings from the ancient Roman city of Aquincum, the museum boasts the largest collection of intact Roman era artifacts in Hungary and Central Europe. Visitors can tour both indoor exhibitions and an outdoor archaeological park, with highlights including the remains of a Roman amphitheater, sarcophagi, mosaic floors, coins, wall paintings, sculptures and a reconstructed 3rd-century water organ.

The museum also hosts a traditional Roman spring festival known as Floralia each year. Named for Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and spring, the popular festival is held at the end of May and features gladiator shows, theater performances and children’s programs, as well as plenty of eating, drinking and dancing.
Adresse: Záhony utca 4, Budapest, Hungary 1031, Ungarn
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