Dinosaur Footprints

A 50 mi (80 km) dinosaur trackway runs through the Kimberley. At low tide, Guantheaume Point is one of the best vantage points to see the tracks of at least nine different types of dinosaur. The dinosaurs are thought to be from the early Cretaceous period which makes them around 130 million years old.

There are herbivores like the Apatosaurus and carnivores including a tyrannosaur. The fossilized footprints range from a few inches to nearly 3 ft (1 m).

The footprints can only be viewed at very low tide, however, there are copies up at the top of the cliffs for visitors to view; this helps lessen the human impact on the fragile reef.

Practical Info

Only the first bus of the day visits Gantheaume Point and there is no bus to take you back. While this makes it perfect for a morning walk along Cable Beach back to town (3 mi/5 km) it does mean a taxi is the best way to get there and at other times.

Adresse: Guantheaume Point Road, Broome, Australia
Åpningstider: Open daily
Adgang: Free
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Broome City sightseeingtur med valgfri kameltur

Utforsk Broome på en sightseeingtur som viser deg til interessante attraksjoner som Sun Pictures, verdens eldste utendørs kino. Besøk Town Beach for å lære om Brooms rolle i andre verdenskrig, sjekk ut Gantheaume Point for å se på gamle dinosaurfotspor, og se Chinatown og den historiske havnen. Når du bestiller, har du to alternativer å velge mellom for å avslutte sightseeingturen - se solnedgangen med snacks på Cable Beach eller en solnedgangskameltur langs kysten.
  • Varighet: 6 timer
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  • Varighet: 6 timer
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