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Brasov Citadel (Cetatea Brasovului)

In medieval times, Braşov was settled by Saxons from present-day Germany, and as the city suffered repeated attacks by Turks and Tatars from the east, they fortified their city in the 15th century. The resulting 1.8-mile (3-km) defense wall originally wrapped around its medieval heart and was 39.5 feet (12 meters) high plus 6.5 feet (two meters) thick. The wall was further strengthened by seven bastions, which were guarded by Saxon guildsmen. Parts still stand today and several bastions have also survived including Braşov Citadel, which was built in 1524 and extended a century later. The sturdy, squat citadel sits on a hill to the north of the Old Town and saw plenty of fighting over the years; it was repeatedly destroyed before being renovated and used as a prison in the 18th century and later as quarantine quarters during an outbreak of plague.

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