Rio Formoso Ecological Park (Parque Ecologico Rio Formoso)

Located only 7.5 miles (12 km) from Bonito, this nature reserve along the shores of the Rio Formoso offers myriad activities. Adventurers can embark on horseback and hiking expeditions that weave through the green canopy forests of the Cerrado ecosystem, while the aquatically inclined can take to the transparent blue waters of the Rio Formoso outfitted in snorkeling or diving gear to glide past schools of fish and subaquatic plants. For an adrenaline rush, jump into a raft for a 90-minute descent along the river’s rapids. This thrilling ride ends at the Ilha do Padre, an island outfitted with a restaurant, bar, and plenty of inviting hammocks.

Practical Info

The Parque Ecológico Rio Formoso can be reached by following the Estrada para Ilha do Padre for 7.5 miles (12 km). Tours must be booked in advance.
Adresse: Rio Formoso Ecological Park, Bonito, Brasil
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