Peixe River Waterfall (Cachoeira do Rio do Peixe)

Keeping with its name, the Rio do Peixe (River of Fish) features transparent waters rife with colorful schools of local species such as red-tailed piraputanga and gold-flecked dourado. You can view them from above on a three-hour-hike along the shore of the Rio Olarias (which flows into the Rio do Peixe), or up close when you dive into the many natural pools and waterfalls (cachoeiras) that line the trail.

The high point comes at the end of the excursion when you jump from a 9.8-foot (3-meter) high rock into the Rainbow Pool (Poço do Arco Iris), a natural spring that serves as a source of the Peixe River.

Practical Info

The Fazenda Água Viva is 22 miles (35 km) southeast of Bonita and can be reached by following the Estrada para Bodoquena. The reserve is open daily, but tours most be organized in advance.
Adresse: Rio do Peixe, Brasil
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