Chocolate Hills

Arguably the most famous tourist attraction in all of Bohol, the Chocolate Hills are featured on the provincial flag and draw thousands of travelers to their  unique and breathtaking wonder each year. 

An estimated 1,300 individual hills cover a span of some 50 square kilometers in what is, without a doubt, one of the most stunning natural landscapes in the nation. These rolling green wonders change to brown in drier months, and appear like chocolate kisses, giving them their namesake. 

Several local legends seek to explain the creation of this geological formation, including stories of feuding giants and star-crossed lovers. But experts say these hills were formed by coral deposits and underwater reefs that shifted with erosion and ancient seismic activity, creating one of the Philippines most incredible natural landscapes.

Practical Info

The premiere spot to view the Chocolate Hills is called the Chocolate Hills Complex. It is located in Carmen, some 55 kilometers from Tagbilaran. Travelers can also head to Sagbayan Peak in the town of Sagbayan, where an elevated deck offers up stunning views. 
Adresse: Carmen, Philippines, Filippinene
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