Parque 93

Parque 93 is more than a grassy square in the center of Bogotá. It is one of the centerpieces of the city with great restaurants, exciting nightlife and outdoor activities. Many locals come here for a walk, for a sporty outing and a picnic with friends or decide to attend one of the numerous events. Not only are there are regular festivals and art installations taking place under the shady trees, but the park is often frequented by Bogotá’s wealthy. Thus, if you plan on a night out in Parque 93, be prepared to be surrounded by the local jet set crowd.  

Head to Bardot Bar, which is popular with the Colombian models and actors, or pop in at the Bogota Beer Company, where you can get some of the city’s best brews. At El Salto Del Angel you can grab both a steak and prove your salsa skills on the dance floor. Classic Colombian parties can be found at Kukaramakara and El Sitio, which are a favorite among the local crowd and feature local bands.  
Adresse: Carrera 13 entre 93A y 93B, Bogotá, Columbia, Colombia
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