Wangfujing Street

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There are two reasons to visit Wangfujing Street in Beijing: shopping and eating. The main portion of this commercial street is home to nearly 300 Chinese brand name stores selling everything from clothes and shoes to tea and herbs. In recent years, international and high end brands have also started appearing at this outdoor shopping venue, and while prices tend to be slightly more expensive than in the US, it’s still a fun place to people watch and window shop.

The neighboring Wangfujing Snack Food Street appeals to intrepid tourists and adventurous local eaters. The hundred some food stalls lining this outdoor food market (only open at night) cook and serve a bizarre range of street foods. You’ll find centipedes, star fish, scorpions and honey bees being served alongside sheep innards, candied fruits and other delicacies from around the country. While the offerings may not all sound appetizing, rest assured they are safe, as each stall must meet strict hygienic requirements.
Adresse: Wang Fu Jing Da Jie, Dong Cheng Qu, Beijing, Kina
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