Liyuan Theater

Liyuan Theater is situated in the Qianmen Jianguo Hotel in Beijing’s Xuanwu District, south of Tiananmen Square. The area is famous for being the birthplace of Peking Opera, and the Liyuan Theater has been hosting this traditional performing art since 1990.

Popular among tourists as well as Chinese opera lovers, the performances at the Liyuan Theater offer a classic introduction to Peking Opera, with elements of Beijing culture, kung fu, and even humor featuring prominently. Performers wear theatrical makeup, dramatic masks, and stunning costumes to convey their stories, and spectators should expect thunderously loud music and heart-felt performances from the stage.

The Liyuan Theater hosts a four-part Peking Opera every evening except Chinese New Year.
Adresse: No.175 Yongan Road, Beijing, Xuanwu District, Kina
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