Khlong Bang Luang Artist House

Tucked into the artist enclave of Khlong Bang Kuang on the west side of the Chao Phraya River, Khlong Bang Luang Artist House is part gallery, part cafe and part performance venue. Occupying a hundred-year-old, two-floor teak building, the Artist House features painting exhibitions upstairs and art in a variety of mediums — photos, drawings, prints and sculptures — throughout its first floor.

While it’s a great place to sip a cup of coffee canal-side, many visitors are attracted to Artist House by the daily Thai shadow puppet shows. These humorous performances are free to watch, but donations are appreciated and sometimes even earn a bit of interaction with the puppets.

Before and after performances, visitors can purchase wooden masks to paint and take home as a reminder of the trip or left as decor for the eclectic space.

Practical Info

The best way to get to Artist House is by taking a taxi to the 7-11 near the end of Soi 3 and walking along the canal from there.
Adresse: Soi 28, Wat Kuhasawan, Bangkok, Thailand
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