Takakkaw Falls

Measuring 1,259 feet from its base, Takakkaw Falls is one of Canada’s highest waterfalls. Based in Yoho National Park and declared a National Historical Site in 1992, Takakkaw Falls’ name is loosely translated from the Cree language and means, “it’s magnificent.”

Fed by the Daly Glacier on Waputik Icefield in late spring and summer, the misty falls thunder with icy water that reaches the roaring peak in the afternoons. Be prepared to get wet if you fancy getting up close to the water. Heading to see Takakkaw Falls from Emerald Lake, 12 miles away, makes for a popular day trip, and there are also a few more waterfalls up in the valley for hikers, such as Whiskey Jack Falls.

Practical Info

To get to Takakkaw Falls from the town of Field in British Columbia, take the winding Yoho Valley Road (open from the end of June to early October) for eight miles. The road has a lot of switchbacks, so it takes a bit of confidence if you’re driving anything bigger than a passenger vehicle. The walking trail to Takakkaw Falls bridges Yoho River and is less than a mile long, paved and wheelchair-accessible.
Adresse: Takakkaw Falls, Banff, Canada
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