Tirta Gangga Water Palace

Built in 1946 by the King of Karangsem, this maze of gardens and reflecting pools has a name literally means “water from the Ganges.” It was almost entirely destroyed by an eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. Since then, locals have worked tirelessly to restore the grounds, which have become a destination for visitors in search of a touchstone to the nation’s royal past. 

Three levels of ornamental gardens make up this unique spot situated on the edge of Rejasa natural springs, where an iconic eleven-tiered Nawa Sang Fountain greets visitors as they enter. The upper-level has a relaxing swimming pool, perfect for an afternoon dip and two natural ponds make up the mid-level. The biggest pond is located on the lowest level of Tirtagangga, where waters flow to nearby rice paddies. Visitors can wander the well-manicured grounds, explore the fountains and examine the dozens of statues that dot the landscape here. Brilliant views of bright green rice fields are visible from the highest point. 

Practical Info

Tirtagangga Water Palace is located about five miles north of Amlapura off the main road. Public buses also run from Karangasem and Perama. 
Adresse: Bali, Indonesia
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