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Natural Bridge

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A testament to the power of the elements, the Natural Bridge of Aruba was created from the strength of the ocean carving through thick coral limestone. Thousands of years of water and wind pushing at the coral had created an opening in it that allowed the ocean waves to get through while leaving a layer on top that people could walk across. The location also boasted excellent views of nearby and ruggedly handsome Andicuri Beach. Sadly, on September 2, 2005, the power of nature and erosion finally won out and the bridge that thousands had marveled at collapsed in the early morning hours. Before its demise, the Natural Bridge was the largest nature created bridge in the Caribbean, stretching across more than 100 feet and rising 23 feet above the sea. The rocky remains of the bridge can still be seen and are located a short distance from the popular Natural Pool in Aruba, another nature-made wonder that is a large swimming hole located amongst huge rocks right next to the sea.

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