Château Pontac-Lynch

In the heart of France’s famous Bordeaux wine country, the Château Pontac-Lynch was built for the aristocratic Comte de Lynch in 1720 as a hunting lodge. Today it is the property of the Bondon family, who have been producing three top-quality, cru Bourgeois red wines on their 10-hectare estate since 1952. The vines thrive thanks to the clay and limestone soils of the region and the vendange (grape harvest) is still carried out by hand; the wines are aged for 12 months and Pontac-Lynch produces 40,000 bottles per year.

The estate is open for guided tours of the cellars and tastings as well as strolls through the garden to admire the views of the neat vineyards sloping into the distance in orderly lines.  Wine lovers can also visit the wine châteaux of Margaux, Palmer, d’Issan and Rauzan Ségla, which are all within a stone’s throw of Château Pontac-Lynch.

Practical Info

BP 7, 33460 Margaux. Open for tours Apr–Sept Mon–Fri 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4.30pm; Sat–Sun 11am, 3pm. Admission is €5.
Adresse: Pontac, Margaux, France, Frankrike
Åpningstider: Apr–Sept Mon–Fri 10am, 11am, 3pm, 4.30pm; Sat–Sun 11am, 3pm.
Adgang: €5
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