Stanford Cricket Ground

If there’s one thing Antigua locals love, it’s the sport of cricket. Homage to this national pastime can be found all over the island and especially at Stanford Cricket Ground, which was once the proud host of numerous cricket and football matches. Although no longer the site of adrenaline and cheers, Stanford Cricket Ground does include the West Indies Cricket Hall of Fame, which chronicles the Caribbean’s most famous players.

Although the site is known locally as “Sticky Wicket Stadium,” it was officially named after Texan financier Allen Stanford, who developed much of Antigua. Stanford Cricket Ground is, perhaps, his best legacy, considering he was later found guilty of fraud after perpetuating the 2008 Ponzi scheme, causing the closing of the stadium.

Today, visitors head to the “Sticky Wicket” to look back through history and view the hall of fame’s plaques and displays at what was once one of Antigua’s premier cricket grounds. 

Practical Info

The Stanford Cricket Ground is located adjacent to the airport and is accessible via the Sir George Walter Highway.
Adresse: Sir George Walter Highway, Osbourn, Antigua
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