Atalaya Castle

This iconic castle known as the Watchtower in English has a long history of strength and resistance, since Muslim residents held off three different sieges by James I or Aragon. It wasn’t until 1240 that defeat was admitted and the picture-perfect castle was taken by the Kingdom of Castile. 

Today, travelers can visit this historic site and wander the interior courtyard framed by sky-high walls and wander the second floor where a reproduction of a khamsa—a well-known Muslim and North African image of an open hand—is on display. 

Practical Info

The castle is located in the north-western part of Alicante between Castile and the former Kingdom or Aragon.
Adresse: Calle Primera Manzana, Alicante, Spain, Spania
Åpningstider: Vary
Adgang: € 3
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