Cathédrale Saint Sauveur

One of Aix-en-Provence’s oldest and most impressive works of architecture, the exquisite Cathédrale Saint Sauveur, or Cathedral of the Holy Saviour, towers over the city’s Vieil Aix (the Old Town). Although dating back to the 5th century, the cathedral has amassed a number of restorations and additions over the years, resulting in an eclectic mix of architectural styles. Exploring the cathedral is like taking a tour through the ages, with Romanesque, Gothic, Neo-Gothic and Baroque elements woven seamlessly together in a unique collage of French architecture.

A listed historical monument of France, the cathedral features a richly carved Romanesque portal on its south side and an elaborate 15th-century Gothic portal on the north, including striking door carvings by Jean Guiramand, topped with a 14th-century bell tower. Highlights of the interiors include three distinctly styled naves, a 12th-century cloister, a 5th century polygonal Merovingian baptistery and an 18th-century gilt Baroque organ. Most famous is the iconic triptych 'Mary in the Burning Bush', a 15th century masterpiece painted by Nicholas Froment under commission of King René of Anjou and displayed over the altar.
Adresse: 34 Place Martyrs de la Resistance, Aix-en-Provence 13100, Frankrike
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