National Railway Museum

There are plenty of museums where visitors admire art on the walls and are told to look but not touch. At the National Railway Museum, at  Port Adelaide, this is far from the case. Visitors can climb aboard steam engines, wander through dining cars and historic carriages, hop on free train rides and get hands on with interactive displays.

A realistic model railway captures the diverse terrain of Australia’s landscape, including open plains, quaint towns, hills, suburbs and seaports. Special displays examine the history of women in railways, and there’s even an audio tour of the only remaining tea and sugar train car. Travelers can wander through numerous indoor activity centers and explore the buildings outside to get a better sense of the Australian railway’s rich history.

Practical Info

The museum is open daily from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. Family passes are available for $32, or child ($6) and adult ($12) tickets can be purchased separately. 
Adresse: 76 Lipson St, Adelaide, Australia
Adgang: Adult: $12; Child: $6
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