Glenelg Tram

The city of Adelaide is close to the beach, but isn’t exactly on it. To reach the white sand beaches of Glenelg—a teeming suburb of streetside cafés and fiery evening sunsets—all that’s required is a short ride on the historic Glenelg Tram. Dating back to 1873, the Glenelg Tram line is an Adelaide icon that’s beloved by city residents. It’s the only remaining tram line in the city and a physical link to yesteryear, and it’s also a convenient and affordable way for moving about the town. 

Historic H-class cars were used on the tram up until 2006, and while they’ve since been replaced by a more modern fleet, the original cars will sometimes be inserted on Sundays and public holidays. From the large glass windows of the slowly moving tram, watch as the scenery gradually changes from city, to suburb, to beach. The tram is actually free to ride within the downtown city center, although passengers traveling all the way to Glenelg can buy their tickets on board.
Adresse: Adelaide, Australia
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