Cockle Train

This iconic railway line is the oldest steel railed railway in the country. It was constructed in 1887 to serve as a passageway between River Murray and Victor Harbor. During its earliest days, passengers would load into the horse-drawn train after collecting cockleshells from the river’s shore.

Visitors can take their own journey on this historic line every day from the Goolwa Depot. The train stops at Port Elliot, near the Encounter Bay Coast, where travelers can explore the local museum. When the train departs Port Elliot, travelers are privy to some of the most picturesque coastal scenery along the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Practical Info:

Tickets can be purchased for one-way or round trips 30 minutes before train departure. Coastal views are beautiful year-round, but winter passengers have a better opportunity to spot Southern Right Whales breaching in the waters.
Adresse: Victor Harbor, Adelaide, Australia
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